Calm Before the Storm

11TH Annual ADCD Paper Fashion Show

Team Paper Concept Scissors // Kate Oakley, Lauren Chestnut, Victoria Chestnut

I participated as a designer in the 11th annual ADCD Paper Fashion Show for 2015. My team’s concept was a light vs. dark theme which unveils a nature contrived design; a calm lush green garden scene precedes the wicked ways in which nature can turn dark and stormy, but one cannot exist without the other. Elements of the infamous tornadic scene from the Wizard of Oz are also incorporated, as well as ruby red slippers, the yellow brick road, and Dorothy’s house which is designed to fly around the tornado when the model walks. Our dress was titled the Calm Before the Storm. My role in the design was to figure out the best designs for the flowers as well as create a three-dimensional house that had the ability to sit on a string and appear to be flying around the tornado. I also had to figure out how to create three-dimensional wrought iron gates that could sit on the model but also be removable so that we could transport the dress. I pieced the back together, tearing the paper in stripes to give the back some texture so the design wasn’t flat and hand cut each brick of the yellow brick road to ensure it looked more three dimensional as well.