Logo + Branding + Packaging

I was involved in the process of naming the company which entailed researching what products would be in the skin care line, as well as the CBD industry and science behind the process. Through my research process I discovered that CBDs are also referred to as Phytocannabinoids; Phyto meaning plant based. I knew I wanted a naming convention that referenced the plant basis of the product. The term cyto is greek for cell and I originally pitched kine which is greek for movement. The name would refer to the movement of plant cells. From that I changed kine to "kind" in reference to kind bud in the marijuana industry.

In order for the brand to stand out, I wanted a color palette that was different from the obvious green that is normally associated with the marijuana industry. Using an orange paired with a bright blue to make the brand pop but also ensure a unisex look and feel to the brand was important to the client.