Denver Art Museum


Denver Art Museum Digital TV Slides

I was tasked with creating digital TV slides for use in the lobby of the Denver Art Museum. The TV slides were to promote upcoming exhibitions for In Bloom, the 4 Seasons of Veronica Read and the In Bloom Members Tour. The slides were to be simple and clean with elements from the exhibition. I implemented brand standards including font and color as well as signature exhibition images. 









Denver Art Museum Logo Lockup & Applications

This was a logo requested for the Denver Art Museum’s internal awards program Learns Leadership Lab. The client also needed a logo that could be locked-up with the Denver Art Museum’s existing horizontal and vertical logos. I created several iterations of a logo that could work with these parameter and ultimately decided on one that showed a progression in the lettering of “learns” to reflect the development of knowledge, time, and an advancement as an employee. I also used a blue color palette to discern it from the museum’s existing color of green so that the logo was easily recognizable when locked up with the horizontal or vertical versions.